Materials function rather differently from collectables, at least in terms of how they're acquired. Flexible Selua Cell Flier Bloom Scale Flier Straw Flier Wing Fresh Armu Milk Frozen Aries Meat Generic Blade Generic Shaft Glacier Element Glossy Grady Fan Glowing Upa Seed Glowing Wisp Fluid Gogol Horn* Green Eluca Juice Heavy Bunniv Iron Hiln Coin Purse Hode Camouflage Hode Plank* Hox Daylight Spur* Hox Flint You cannot trade for this either and its drop rate is also a pain. share. - 3 Steel Selua Cells: Dropped by Wool Seluas. For Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Question about the bionis interior". The Largo Selua is an enemy in Xenoblade Chronicles that are members of the Selua family. Melia summons earth twice and leaves them there for the defense buff, and then focuses on Ice, Flame, and Earth for DoT and Bolt for burst damage. Find them in the first lung area of the Bionis’ Interior accessed once you reach near the end of the game’s story. Purchased for … Because I see you need Flexible Selua Cells, and they're from the Bionis Interior, but the part that you can only access after Egil wounds the Bionis. Flexible and Steel Selua Cells are enemy drops from an area you don't have access to yet, and there's a fair bit of plot before you get there, so you'll have to wait on level 4 special. Flexible Selua Cell – Largo Selua (Bionis’ Interior) Royal Volff Hide – Caleum Volff (Fallen Arm/Night) Silver Antol Fibre – Aura and Rius Antol (Fallen Arm) Hox Daylight Spur – Dark and White Hox (Bionis’ Leg) Steel Selua Cell – Wool Selua (Bionis’ Interior) Materials Checklist. Purchased for 8600 Noponstone: Steel Selua Cell x3: Dropped by Wool Selua in Bionis' Interior. So, do I have to reach that part of the game to finish levelling up Special? 3x Flexible Selua Cell - Kill Largo Selua in Bionis’ Interior 3x Steel Selua Cell - Kill Wool Selua in Bionis’ Interior 2x Rainbow Slug - Collectable in Fallen Arm Flexible Selua Cell x3: Dropped by Largo Selua in Bionis' Interior. I'm only at Central Factory. They're not insanely higher leveled than you. Can be found on the ground in the Fallen Arm; Azure Hollyhock x2 (The enemy names are Largo Selua and Wool Selua, respectively.) A team of Melia, Riki, and Sharla should be able to beat them. They can also drop the Flexible Selua Cells, which are needed for the Colony 6 reconstruction. Purchased for 9100 Noponstone: Rainbow Slug x2: Fallen Arm Collectable. Find them in the spinal nerve tower area of the Bionis’ Interior accessed once you reach near the end of the game’s story. - 3 Flexible Selua Cells: Dropped by Largo Seluas. 8 comments. Flexible Selua Cell x3. Thanks. (Fallen Arm collectable. But unlike collectables, there is no Collectopaedia for materials. 3 Flexible Selua Cell (Largo Selua, Second Lung) 3 Steel Selua Cell (Wool Selua, Pars Sympathica Tower) 2 Rainbow Slug. You generally only obtain materials from defeated monsters, though there are many that are also available via trading (and even a few only available from trading). They can be found at levels 72 - 73 in the First Lung, the Second Lung, and the Third Lung in Bionis' Interior. Acquired from Wool Selua, which can be found near the Paras Sympathic Tower in the Bionis’ Interior; Rainbow Slug x2. It appears to be common under rain conditions at the Distant Fingertip at night.) Acquired from Largo Selua, which can be found in the First Lung in the Bionis’ Interior; Steel Selua Cell x3. - 3 Flexible Selua Cells: Dropped by Largo Seluas. Find them in the first lung area of the Bionis’ Interior accessed once you reach near the end of the game’s story.