If the powder characteristics change in a system using force control, the control system has to be corrected to bring the average tablet weight back to the target value. Available in tension, compression or both (push-pull) versions, mechanical force gauges are generally used to monitor tension in a small cable or to measure compressive forces within a press. Mecmesin are your solution to tension, compression, torque, adhesion, flexure, coefficient of friction, crimp joint, shear, peel, tear, crush, top-load, and closure testing. * 5 digits LCD with back light. In other words, to determine the click feeling, you need to measure displacement as well as force. Cosmetic foundation is pressed to measure its hardness for quality control and R&D. 11 Ranges up to 4,400 lbs. * The result is rounded off to the third decimal place. IMADA's force-displacement tester determines click feeling of tactile switches. The Compact Force Gauge (CFG+) is the entry-level, low-cost digital force gauge from Mecmesin. * RS-232 computer interface. Price $1,565.00 up to $1,875.00. This test is to measure buffer material hardness (elasticity/cushioning characteristics) for quality control. The FB series ranges in capacity from 1lbF (5N) with a resolution of 0.0002lbF (0.001N) to 10,000 lbF (50kN) with a resolution of 2lbF (10N) A high-quality force gauge from Grainger can help determine the force that can be applied to an object without negative results or failure. To determine the durability (burst strength) of heat-sealed packages such as retort pouches, keep a package pressed at a constant force with a force gauge and a dedicated fixture. Tension Force Gauges Weigh and measure tension force at a safe distance, up to 450 feet away, with these wireless gauges. 00 We have hand held gauges from 2N (200 gm/f) up to 2500N (250kg/f) load cell capacity. Then, the tester graphs force transition with reference to displacement, helping identify the hysteresis (zero reversion). 7 Ranges up to 220 lbs. Tension and compression force gauge Digital Force Gauges The Dillon GL Force Gauge is the best equipped force gauge found in its price range, including features such as rechargeable battery, serial output, backlight, die-cast enclosure, carry case and more. The ball is held in place with a spring clip. Remote Compression Sensor Digital Force Gauge with Output. BAOSHISHAN Digital Force Gauge HP-500 Push Pull Gauge (50kgf/110lbf/500N) with HPB Manual Force Test Stand Lever-Operated Tensile and Compression Load Tester (HPB+HP-500N) 4.2 out of 5 stars 4 $479.00 $ 479 . Hand-held force gauges, consoles and software controlled testers. The Dillon X-C compression calibration force gauge comes in 8 capacities ranging from 50 lb to 25,000 lb or 50 to 10000 kg. Dillon X-C Force Gauge (Compression) This mechanical force gauge is used for measuring inline loads in a wide variety of applications. Force Gauges. Compression force fluctuation is the result of slight changes in tablet weights. Measure push or pull forces accurately in Newtons, Kilograms-force, pound-force etc. To determine the strength and sharpness of acupuncture needle in conformance with the corresponding part of ISO 17218 : 2014, IMADA offers a dedicated testing system as the following configuration. In this video, a tablet is pushed until it breaks using IMADA force gauge and a flat attachment. Please use it for calculation of load value, etc. The tablet is pulled out from its packaging and the test results is graphed for analysis. TORBAL FC5k Professional Force Gauge, 1,000lbf x 0.2lbf, Tension and Compression, Built-in Wireless, USB, microSD, Interchangeable Load Cell,Black $436.81 - $1,699.00 #7 DYMH-103 Mini Tension and Compression Force Sensor Load Cell Applicable to Small Space (0… Built for a wide-range of force measurement applications.Ideal for tension and compression testing. Mark-10 digital force gauges can be used in a virtually limitless number of tension and compression force testing applications. No complicated configuration or setup, the force gauge is intuitive and easy to use with logically arranged user menus which allow for out-of-the-box use. If you have any questions about your favorite products or solutions, please contact us. The measurement is transferred to a digital display or mechanical dial display. * Optional accessories : USB cable, RS232 cable, Software for data logging and recorder, Digital and Mechanical Force Gauges for compression and tension testing. In the video, the tester presses a switch, measuring the resistance force and graphing the measurement. A wide variety of compression force gauge options are available to you, such as resistance sensor. Mark-10 force and torque measurement gauges and systems are engineered, manufactured, and supported from our integrated … Guangdong Xianglong Test Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. Xi'an Gavin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing T-Bota Scietech Instruments & Equipment Co., Ltd. Dongguan Hongjin Test Instrument Co., Ltd. Hebi Haichang Special Equipment Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Abe Measurement And Control Technology Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Tripod Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Jinan Zhongbiao Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. Watch the video for more details. We offer a complete range of force measurement instruments and solutions, designed to solve simple and complex force measurement applications on the production floor or quality … Accuracy ± 0.2%. Mark-10 designs and manufactures force and torque measurement products. High precision force gauges. Syringe plunger is compressed to measure the compression (resistance) force for quality control and R&D. Digital Force Gauge with Output. Mark 10 Model M3 Digital Force Gauge. Measure force in lbs, Kgs or N . Click here to see Compression [2] for other compression testing applications. [Compress/Crush] introduces testing to evaluate the sample hardness (deformation) such as top-load testing of bottle and ball harness testing. This is compression test for measuring the hardness of tablets (pharmaceutical tablets). 0 - 20 kN (tension and compression) 0.5 Nm - 10 Nm (torque) Digital force gauge for determination of compression, tension and torque forces, usable for numerous applications in a lot of sectors of industry, which need a fast measuring frequency The force gauge kits include a selection of standard compression and tension attachments. This is shoe sole hardness test for comfort evaluation, quality control and R&D. 荷重値の計算などにご活用ください。* The result is rounded off to the third decimal place. It is widely used for quality control. Help measure tension (pull) and compression (push) in real time or peak mode to help provide assembly line quality control. The remarkable thing is that the tester presses switches by pre-set displacement. … more > Models Available: 26 Capacities. The display of the force gauge is easily readable by the large numbers. It is widely used for quality control and R&D. All force gauges are able to capture the peak force in both tension and compression and have selectable units of measurement. FB THOR Precision. 浙B2-20120091. The force gauge is equipped with an internal load cell for tensile and compression tests. Force gauges employ a load cell and the force being sensed deforms a strain gauge. Dillon X-C Force Gauge (Compression) Proven accuracy and ruggedness sets our mechanical force gauge apart in the force measurement industry. A person pushes a cart with a force gauge to test his/her work load for safety evaluation and quality control. Description: OMEGA’s DFG35 Series is an economical digital force gauge designed for tension and compression measurements in a variety of applications. You can also choose from electronic compression force gauge, as well as from pressure sensor, strength testing machine compression force gauge, and whether compression force gauge is … Thus, the force-displacement tester handles various characteristic evaluation other than click feeling of switches. 100 Kg, tension & compression FORCE GAUGE Model : FG-5100 ISO-9001, CE, IEC1010 FEATURES * 100 Kg, Kg/LB/Newton. However, force gauge also measures various force such as adhesion, peel force, COF and more in combination with a desired attachment. [Pressure] introduces testing to evaluate durability (apply and keep a certain force to the sample for the fixed time) of samples such as retort pouch durability testing. 32 Ounce Capacity, Mechanical Tension and Compression Force Gage 0.25 Ounce Resolution, Accurate Up to 0.3 (Full Scale), Metal Housing MSC# 07822786 Imada (FB-32OZ) IMADA's actuation force tester measures actuation force of sanitizer spray bottle, hand soap pump bottle, or other dispenser, which enables quality control of discharging volume. This is plastic bottle top-load testing for characteristic evaluation, and quality control. A ball is compressed to test its harness (crushing strength) for durability evaluation, quality control and R&D. Basic Digital Force Gauge; Tension & Compression; Capacities to 500 lbf / 250 kgf / 2500 N; USB Data Output; MESURlite Data Software; 50 Data Point Memory; Accuracy: ± 0.3% of Full Scale; Popular Models: $650 Mark-10 Model M3 Digital Force Gauge. * Tension or Compression, Peak hold, Zero. Force is described as any influence that causes an object to undergo a change in its movement, direction, or geometrical construction. Force gauge is a small measuring instrument to measure force, known as “push pull gauge” or “push pull scale.” As the names suggest, force gauge measures push force (compression) and pull force (tension). Force Gauge Gripping Attachments This is softness measurement of hand cream. Testing applications of compressing, crushing, pushing force and pressure are introduced in Compression [1]. This is push-out test of tablet from its packaging (pharmaceutical blister pack). Measure force in lbs, Kgs or N . Click here to see Compression [2] for other compression testing applications. Mecmesin design and develop torque and force testing machines for component, product, and material testing. IMADA offers the dedicated testing system such as the following configuration to comply with JIS, which is utilized in quality control. The FB is loaded with essential features and functions which make this force gauge ideal for virtually any application which requires tension and compression force … You can register your favorite from the product catalog and measurement case page. Also known as dynamometers and crane scales, they’re used with cranes or hoists while moving material around your plant. Includes expandable microSD memory, USB and RS232 for easy PC Connectivity. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. This is compression test for measuring the hardness of tablets (pharmaceutical tablets). It allows force-displacement graphing and visual analysis of the click feeling. Application Examples of Measurement Devices, To Be Force Measurement Master (Organization), To Be Force Measurement Master (Facilities), Electronic components and Electrical equipment. Use force gauges to help test product durability and material integrity. Special attachments are available to grip different types of test samples for special force testing applications such as peel, puncture or friction tests. Disk probe is used to compress the hand cream to test its softness. Force Gauges. Accuracy ± 0.2%. Syringe plunger is compressed to measure the compression (resistance) force for quality control and R&D. It is normal and expected that powder blends are not perfectly uniform, this fluctuation is detected by checking tablet weights during compression. This is spray press button compression test for quality control and R&D. Mechanical force gauges are ultra-small instruments that display the force exerted between the two load points. The sensor is connected via an 8ft / 2.5m cable allowing the display to positioned in a safe, convenient location. Since 1979, our force gauges, torque gauges, and tension and compression measurement solutions have helped professionals in virtually every industry assess and ensure quality. Robot-Ready Force Torque Sensors Mount these sensors between a robot arm and a tool for precise control during delicate tasks, such as sanding or assembling small parts. The OMEGA’s DFG35 Series provides a force gauge that is affordable and is used for compression and tension measurements in multiple applications. This test determines the hardness of tablets by obtaining the maximum load value when fracture initiates. It is widely used for quality control and R&D. The ZTA-LM force gauge measures compression force with a remote button style sensor.