If you wish to download .pdf, click here (237kb) – This version is based on the HTML Cheat Sheet in .PNG; Alternate HTML Cheat Sheet in .pdf, optimal for tabloid paper size … DISCLAIMER: This article uses our product API Spreadsheets, which our users say is the easiest way to save web/html form data to Google Sheets. First name: Last name: Try it Yourself » The
Element. Fillable Document works as add-on on both Google Docs and Google Sheets. Go check your google spreadsheet and you should see the data we just submitted! The SubForm() function is below. If the alert window says There was an error :( then feel free to email us at info@apispreadsheets.com and we can try to help you out. You need to maintain and troubleshoot, if you run into code related issues. Is there a way I can link this cell to images saved in google drive? Finally, our main component will be a