Designer Fires stock and sell a wide range of wood fires from the major manufacturers in New Zealand. It also needs the right amount of air to support the combustion. A proud Family business made in New Zealand. OUTDOOR COOKING: Perfect for entertaining guest on the patio while you enjoy the delicious aromas of food cooking on the wood fired stove. Browse online or visit one of our showrooms in Auckland, Queenstown or Wellington Warranty; kW The kilowatt rating is the maximum rated output of the fire burning dry soft wood when tested to NZHHA approved test methodology. We set about building a serious moveable outdoor fireplace that would endure in the kiwi backyard. This assumes a normal stud height of 2.4m and an adequate level of insulation in the home. Yunca wood burners have one of the most comprehensive warranties for any domestic heater available in New Zealand today. Choose a store for availability. Masport is a heritage Kiwi brand, and our people have been crafting fires for Kiwi homes since 1973. Home of New Zealand designed and manufactured Wagener Fairburn Slow Combustion Woodranges, the Butler Multi high performance hot water heater, CookTop Wagener Stove, the cute wee Wagener Sparky, big brother Leon and little sister Sparky CA (Clear Air approved). P Korhonen, The fire is the best, I cannot understand how it rates so low on the NES test, read the reviews here and on the Pyroclassic site, made in NZ and does have the wetback option. Fisher Blenheim, Fisher Charleston, Fisher Denniston and Fisher Hanmer. Masport LE4000 Inbuilt Convection Wood Fire Zero Clearance Blac… SKU: 321158 $ 3,849 each. She is tested to AS/NZS 2918:2018 standards and can be permitted. We have dispatched over 200 units in Australia en New Zealand. You'll find real warmth in the many features of a genuine Fisher stove, starting from just $2,199. So, he buys a old school bus to convert into his new home... Units will be made to order meaning there will be up to a 3 to 4 week lead time. The unique design of the Pyroclassic IV is a game-changer. The Roaring Meg Wood Burner is still small, but has nearly double the heat output of her little sister. COVID-19 response +64 9 623 6990 Made to be installed anywhere in the home with flues that run up, down or even sideways our gas fires allow complete design freedom. Our extensive range of NZ clean air approved wood burners allows you to choose the fire that’s best for your home at a price you can afford. Find out More. Harris Home Fires have been keeping wood fires at the heart of Kiwi homes since 1887. Outdoor Bath Heater Wood Fired NZ Made Coil Type Full Kit Start price. The warmth and comfort of a wood fire has always been a part of Australian life. R Zapasnik, Keeps us warm, great to look at, super efficient and you don't need to be a pyromaniac to get it to light and keep it going, great Kiwi design and thought gone into this product. Jayline fireplaces come in a range of options to reflect the needs of Kiwi homes. Read More All wood burners on this list have a discharge of less than 1.5 grams of particles for each kilogram of dry wood burned (g/kg) and a thermal efficiency of at least 65 per cent. Read More Buy Now. From day one, we’ve been driven by a shared commitment to creating the very best wood fires – for your family and our planet. Outdoor Fireplaces and Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Made Easy. We take care of the hard work for you with our professional installation partners: quote, site check, wo The Mini Meg Wood Burner is suitable for the smallest of small spaces. We are a small “family” business with a wealth of knowledge gained from over … NZ made wood burners. To burn as cleanly as possible, the fire needs to be as hot as possible. Warmington Fires produce an extensive range of quality wood and gas fires, wood burners and outdoor fires – every fire for your home from one easy location. SINGLE XL WOOD FIRE (NZ ONLY) This Single Sided Extra Large fireplace keeps it simple with a more traditional appearance, but will make a bold statement with its extra large glass front. Fireplaces Crafted in New Zealand. You can even cook on her. There are more than 200 Meg wood-burners out there now in New Zealand and Australia. For medium to large homes, the Pyroclassic IV delivers up to 15kW of space heating with an extra-large cooktop and can be fitted with a high output wetback for all your domestic hot water needs. Who the heck is HOOGA? Our knowledgeable, and helpful staff can assist you in deciding which fire is best suited to your home, … MILAN WOODFIRES PROUDLY HEATING NEW ZEALAND HOMES FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS The Benefits of Milan Wood Fires. QUALITY NEW ZEALAND MADE WOOD BURNERS since 1974 A FIRE FOR EVERY PLACE Which Firenzo Fireplace is right for you? A roaring fire becomes the heart of the household when it’s cold and dark. each one hand-crafted with exceptional attention to detail. Buy Now. Buy Now. 4 interest free payments of $ 374.75. Wood Burners NZ: Firenzo Wood Fires - New Zealand's best wood burners for homes in Auckland & Wellington & Bay of Plenty. Products. Our website is currently under development, thanks for visiting. Wood New Zealand market exclusive distributors of Stovax, Gazco, Jetmaster, Stuv and Hearthstone Fires. All Milan Fireboxes are engineered from hot rolled steel plate totally spaced and firebrick lined, having a five year warranty. Buy Outdoor Fireplace Buy Deluxe Base Camper. Trust Pyroclassic Fires for your home heating needs in NZ. Jayline Wood Fires. NZ’s best wood fires – for family and planet. If you’re on 2 hectares or more, you may be able to install a ‘rural’ wood fire. Meeting the ultra-low requirements of the CM1 test through incredibly low emissions even during the start-up phase using real life fuel. WOOD BURNERS Yunca Wood burners have a reputation for being over-engineered, they have the most comprehensive warranty of any domestic heater available in New Zealand today and all models meet national clean air standards. At Roaring Meg Fires we handcraft certified Wood-Burners with exceptional attention to details, suitable for small spaces. Visit your 4 Seasons fireplace shop for a personalised consultation. We have been making & supplying wood fires in NZ for more than 30 years. $595.00. Very happy!! Masport R1200 Freestanding Radiant Wood Fire with Legs Metallic… SKU: 327273 $ 1,499 each. With a focus on energy efficiency, value-for-money and style, we’ve been heating Kiwi homes since 1979. $590.00. We stock leading brand names and NZ favourites such as Firenzo, Masport as … A family business for 5 generations, it remains committed to hand crafting your fire to the most exacting standards, right here in New Zealand. Contact us today Graham P. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feature requests: Copyright 2021 - Pyroclassic Fires Ltd | All Rights Reserved. Read More The cost of rent is increasing by the month and he can’t get excited about taking on a 30-year mortgage. We specialise in all types of Home Heating. Too much air cools the fire and smoke is produced. Today, in the face of busy modern lifestyles, we believe the crackle of a real fire, the flicker of the flame and the warmth provided by mother nature, is more important than ever in bringing people together. Stoke Fireplace Studios offer the best wood fires and gas fires on the NZ market. Born in Dunedin, the deep south of New Zealand, our gas and wood fires test the limits of both efficiency and aesthetics. Quality gas, wood and electric fireplaces for internal and external heating. We have heat outputs, styles and features to suit both classic and contemporary living spaces, with freestanding, inbuilt/insert and Ultra Low Emission Burner options all available at a great price. Whilst we have predominantly replaced fire with technologies designed to give us more time, there’s nothing quite like a New Zealand outdoor fireplace to really slow time down and create space for family, friends and fun. Clean burning healthy fireplaces. ; m² Gives an indication of the floor area able to be heated by the fire. Today, Masport’s clean-burning wood fires are leading the way, while meeting New Zealand’s strictest air quality standards. The flame appearance of some gas fire models may differ slightly in terms of flame height, depending on whether fuelled by Natural Gas or LPG This impressive heat storage capacity means you can enjoy the convenience of extended burn times and a consistent release of heat. Fire has kept us warm and brought light to our homes. Turfrey’s team of qualified, full-time fitters, not only supply but also install wood fires into homes – keeping you both safe and warm. Buy Now. It’s 2016. Some locations have stricter regulations that require an ultra low emission wood burner. The warmth and comfort of a wood fire has always been a part of New Zealand life. Have a creative edge without going outside your comfort zone. A young-ish man – John Ryan, a stainless steel fabricator – is renting a house in Arrowtown. All models have been tested and approved to comply with the clean air requirements of AS/NZS 4013:1999 sub 1.5g/kg particulates and 65% thermal efficiency or better, to meet national clean air standards, as well as tested and clearance approved to comply with AS/NZS … Pyroclassic IV Grey in Silver 2K - RRP $3,699, Works like a dream! No Reserve. The Pyroclassic ceramic fire chamber retains heat like a kiln. Quick view Northland ... Kent Haast Wood Fire & Flue Kit Package Deal $2,518. Bart-Jan Opten, 'Perfect amount of heat' If you want the best in burning technology, combined with the versatility of more than 200 colour variations, a low emissions burner from Pyroclassic Fires might be just what you need! (06) 843 8260 Designer Fires will come to your home, quote and arrange the whole install. Fire has provided warmth, ambience, food and survival. Understand the fire by reading and watching the videos and you will have no problems and a warm dry house. MORE ABOUT SINGLE XL MODEL With the inception of the new Pyroclassic Mini in 2017, smaller homes can now reap the benefits of this unique wood burner. We have been in the fire manufacturing business (Little Crackers) for over 13 years so we know fires, we are impressed with these wood ovens, these are made in Greece to strict European standards and to our specific requirements.We have imported seven models, these weigh from 52 kg to 230 kg, most have an oven and will of course heat your room as well. The evaporation of the gases turns the wood to charcoal, which then burns easily and cleanly – and produces most of the heat. The Metro Ultra fires are the first New Zealand made and approved, single chamber, ultra-low emission wood burners. Reload less and stay warm for longer with a fuel efficiency rate of only 1kg per hour*. Find out More. In most parts of NZ, properties less than 2 hectares require a ‘clean air’ wood fire. For more than 45 years, our fire-makers have been crafting Masport fireplaces in Aotearoa. Choose a store for availability. The Fireplace is the exclusive suppliers of Jetmaster, Stovax, Gazco & Horizon fires. This Unit is NOT Clean Air Approved which is not a requirement when being installed in movable accommodation. Wood burning fires remain a popular source of home heating, combining unbeatable warmth and ambience with a carbon neutral, renewable fuel source. Buy quality NZ made outdoor wood burners online here. Wood Fires. The Roaring Meg unit is now tested to AS/NZS 2918:2018. Read More HOOGA fire products are over-engineered in New Zealand for people who appreciate solid, well-made objects. ... stoke up the fire, sit back and enjoy the heat and ambience. Everything that goes into our kitset outdoor fireplaces and wood-fired pizza ovens is made in New Zealand using the highest quality, refractory-grade materials. Designed in New Zealand, we understand the important part wood fires play in heating our homes.