in the third position ("RUNNING LIGHTS"). stonewall when trying to register an older Whaler hull that lacks a visible Practicing the lip forming operation with an inexpensive piece of generic tubing may be beneficial for first-time installers. A fifth workaround (which is the best solution, has been widely used by knowledgeable installers, and was recommended by Boston Whaler in their. But the ferries made by Boston Whaler cost less than any other new age boats in spite of good features. equipment usually installed in the boat, like the engine, the fuel, batteries, wiring, etc. We have compiled some links to the best sites for finding 13 foot Boston Whalers below. Tap and listen for any dull responses. of mahogany and teak woods. that the engine was fastened to the transom by clamps. maybe Dick Fisher himself, then this could affect the value. These stenciled numbers were applied during the molding process, prior to the addition of any hardware or other components. An excellent option for fishing and just cruising, this 270 Dauntless is one of the most versatile boats on the market. inspection of various features. lt runs like it just came out of the box. for used Boston Whaler boats to sell for more than their original price, Also, water can seep into the encapsulated wood in the transom area, seriously weakening it. Because there is only a single blind hole, the engine height could not be adjusted after mounting. On some engines the mounting screws may be metric fasteners of similar strength and size. In a Boston Whaler Unibond hull this space is not open. On average, their estimates were accurate to within 2.9 years. Trailer tires often rot or UV decay long before their tread wears out. Forums. Nov 20, 2018 #6 CaseyMarie Lieutenant Commander. 1990 Boston Whaler Outrage 17 powered with a 70hp Mercury 2-stroke. It is believed that the hole arrangement currently in use by most engine manufacturers follows these dimensions: There is no point in drilling holes in the above pattern if they do not match those on your engine. Locating and decoding the HIN is covered below. The embossed metal tag has proven to be less permanent than When you go to a used boat lot, you won't find These include the engine mounting bolts, the engine well drains, any transom mounted accessories like depth sounder transducers, swim ladders, and especially the cockpit sump drain. Whether or not one can gain the necessary skills of metal forming by reading a narrative of the process is unknown. The space between an outer hull and an inner hull in conventionally constructed boats is open and is called the bilge space. This hole was positioned to match up with a so-called blind hole in the engine mounting bracket. The inner hull or liner component is typically molded with intentional low spots or sumps, designed to collect water that will be on the deck. with the letters "WB" (work boat) appended to the hull identification number. When you cruise through the The foam is still bonded to the laminate skin and pulls it out of shape when it contracts slightly. Some think the O-rings are unnecessary and hinder installation; they simply caulk the ends to seal them. big problem. Porlasolas Well-Known "Member" Apr 12, 2017 78 82 35 San Diego Name Andrew Boat Boston Whaler Montauk 17 Jan 13, 2021 #1 Aloha BD, sad day for me posting the lo down. So here is what you want to do with the boat moored on a buoy unattended is leave all the plugs … Was it used in freshwater or saltwater? The termination of the wiring at the stern varied over the years. Great for fishing, water sports or for just getting out on the water. Boston Whaler models include the Super Sport, Montauk, Dauntless, Outrage and Conquest. The construction of a Whaler is based on the UniBond technique may rid a boat of entrapped water just by evaporation. This supported by an impeccable history right from the Boston Whaler 13 of the late 1950s prototype. When considering any used hull, this should be your first concern. The plate will also create a small amount of engine set back, itself possibly a desirable condition. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. stolen boats with altered or missing HINs. At the stern the wires exit the hull and are attached to a terminal block. It is not recommended for re-fitting a new engine if the engine manufacturer specifies their engine must be through-bolted for proper installation. Some came and went in a matter of a year or two. How Does the Engine Mount to the Transom? Generally this number remains very durable and visible unless covered with topcoats of paint. Moisture content meters have been used by some who have access to them, The hull, foam, and liner must remain bonded as a single structure. The overall condition of the boat is important, too. The blind holes were vertically spaced only 6-inches on-center from the upper mounting holes. With the Boston Whaler you can leave all the plugs out and it won't sink. boat currently available new in the recreational division of Boston Whaler. When replacing wiring, use quality marine grade wire. Boston Whaler Boat Loans. Chances are that the gel coat has been broken and capillary action has sucked water into the hull structure. can be very costly and time consuming. will be a new lower benchmark price that can affect the value of many used boats. It has also been observed that the HIN is preceded by the letters "US" on-line database. The same goes for old depth sounders, old fish finders, old LORANs, old speedometers, and all the other electronics that you are likely to find installed. Generic thin-wall (0.032-inch) brass tubing is available from McMaster-Carr and elsewhere. is a 40 HP, the 15' max. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited! The presence of a current dealer, especially an old-line and active Boston Whaler dealer, can also affect the market price for used boats. In some cases it has been seen that a removable hatch cover was installed. Hello, Sign in. article in the Reference section. For models made before November 1972 (13-foot and 16-17 foot hulls), a list of hull numbers and years of manufacture is available in the Reference section. and to use an appropriate number of smaller screws to distribute the load. best in New Mexico and Arizona. Are the original elements of the boat--the interior pieces--intact and available? With what I know now about laminate and gelcoat repair, I could have easily fixed that boat up in a few weekends to almost factory original condition. It had also been thought that perhaps a change in the chemical Check this closely. If the boat was molded as a commercial grade boat, the gel coat would typically be haze gray and the logotype decals applied in black, so the dot color was changed to black With a 200 hp Suzuki (I am not sure OF THE YEAR and all the paper work is at my home in Florida , but I think the motor is a 1988. Number two problem: foam core saturation with water. (See the Reference It is not uncommon for older Boston Whaler boats to have the painted This may include adding foam to the space evacuated under the laminate and gel coat, and also restoring the laminate and gel coat of the splash well itself. The hull construction of a Boston Whaler differs it is entirely possible for hulls to retain large amounts of water I will post the year as soon as I get to Florida.) Boats that spent most of their time on a The 16-foot hulls were identified with prefixes like 3A, 3B, 3C, and so on. It is a clean boat for its age, has a solid transom and no soft spots in the hull or deck. Classic Boston Whaler boats were constructed with the finest grades Seventeen feet of somebody else's boat would make you think twice about going offshore. If you put the very bottom plug in the boat can fill with water. This area should be closely inspected for corrosion and proper sealing of the fitting. including replacement cost, age, condition, engine, trailer, location, A frequently lost item is the front hatch cover, often replaced with something homemade. We can help you determine the market value of your boat. Forums. providing the used market with upward price pressure. electrical disconnect in the switching circuit in the positive lead. Be sure to use tinned and stranded wire. The hull is dry. In seasonal boating areas, a long winter's It has also been seen located on the port side of the transom. Eventually production volume required the use of a prefix, and When assessing any damage to the boat, you can easily gauge the Policies like Align the engine mounting holes to the true vertical centerline of the transom, not to the top edge of the transom. A small console and wheel near the center of the boat. agents, the foam has apparently always been a polyurethane closed cell foam. nor will it be in a primary bond with the hull laminates. On Boston Whaler boats this was accomplished by attachment of an embossed metal tag to the For fishing, you get a big 30-gallon live well behind the captain's bench. The 15-foot hull began with the prefix 5A; the 11-foot hull with the prefix 4A. Recreational hulls could also be ordered with this option. AGE. white all-round lamp comes on alone in the middle position of The greatest threat to hull integrity and water ingress comes from hull Boston Whaler is not just another boat – it is lifestyle on water. It is not uncommon has damage that reveals the foam layer should be carefully evaluated WhalerCentral is dedicated to the exchange of Boston Whaler related information and photos. More durable accessories like anchors or fuel tanks can add value. The five-digit production Precise instructions Boating Forums. The hull and engine are in good condition for their age. These estimates apply only to the hull, not to the engine and trailer. The boat is original and has been left exactly how it came out of the factory. The space between the outer hull and inner hull or liner is filled with foam as part of the construction process of creating a Unibond hull. The take up of water into the embedded wood is a particularly bad problem, The tag was attached by metal rivets. continuously bonded to the laminate shells, producing a very strong Florida is an area of year-round boating and the home of hundreds of boat Generally a hole template is supplied with a new engine. Answered October 3, 2019 . appearance to the various models described in the Reference section. After 7/20/01 commercial hulls likely changed to using the shelter can represent considerable value. Remember Boston Whaler is not a thing which one would like to leave. Top Boston Whaler Boat Rentals in Greenacres, FL $700+ Delray Beach, FL. At the bow the wires exit from the hull on the topside of the foredeck under the base of the navigation lamp fixture. These plates are not expensive, and are generally available in aluminum which can easily be re-drilled on the transom side with holes matching the existing layout. Inspect the trailer carefully, first to see if it is the proper type. We can help you determine the market value of your boat. There are a large number of suppliers, a large number of customers, and a great deal of competition; you will find some of the best bargains in marine products there. In no case should they be closer than 1 and 3/4-inch to the top of the transom. However, it is more desirable to have a boat that preserves both of these unique hull identifiers, as they precisely fix the age and original configuration of the boat. It will be sold. and a major reduction in value. Early hulls are identified with a hull number applied with a stencil into the gel coat top layer near the transom and sometimes in the forward storage locker. lower unit, the propeller, and the skeg. in bad condition. The spacing between the top and bottom pair of holes is 8-inches on center. "It's pretty rare that you get the chance to date the age of a whale… The gelcoat used by Boston Whaler is heavy duty and when it is properly cared for, the fabricated coating should retain a like new appearance even on older boats that are up to 25 years old. If the interior foam has been soaked with water By consulting the HIN number prefix sequence (see untitled table linked below) specific for Boston Whaler, we can further decode the 5H8nn production sequenceidentifier to be indicative of a 22-foot model, either an OUTRAGE, CUDDY CABIN, REVENGE, TEMPTATION, or GUARDIAN. This is a great boat, in turn-key condition, and ready to get you out on the water for boating or fishing fun today. protection. A number of people have reported this. Any fitting or fastener which mounts into the cockpit floor should also The lower mounting holes must be especially well sealed as they will likely be immersed in sea water at all times when the boat is afloat. For these reasons there is proper concern about the condition of the interior of Among a cadre of Americans of a certain age, the word “boat” conjures images of the Boston Whaler Dauntless, often the first vessel a young boater would skipper. The truth is, on an older boat, the less electronics the better. To cut costs Meridian moved all operations to Edgewater Florida where they remain today. For these reasons it is generally not a simple matter to assess hull water Boston Whaler hull, it can be confidently reported that Embedded deep under its blubber was a 3 1/2 -inch arrow-shaped projectile that has given researchers insight into the whale's age, estimated at 115 to 130 years old. If the hull is carefully cleaned and quality tape is used (such as perhaps 3M-Scotch 33+ Electrical Tape in appropriate width) it should be possible to get good adhesion. The repair of drain tubes is described by experts as "easy." in every hull. Is the electrical wiring intact and well done? provenance, and desirability. But … When assessing a used Boston Whaler, pay close attention to hull integrity, gelcoat condition, and wood finish. In either case, check If you explain that you just spent $5,000 and 1,000 hours Boston Whaler photos, information and discussion. After installation, the transom splash well is restored. Fishing Boats For Sale Classified Ads . For sale is a 1977 21' Boston Whaler Revenge. A test hole can be easily repaired, another including gravity, evaporation, suction, and physical removal of the foam. The only downside to Florida is its saltwater and strong sunlight (UV) environment; both can degrade a boat's condition quite fast. In a promotional clip, two men take the boat out into the harbor and saw it in half from under them. If a commercial grade boat is ordered with a special desert tan gel coat, the dot may change back to red. In some cases, particularly boats over twenty years old, it may be more accurate to assess the value of the boat by placing very low dollar amounts on the outboard, trailer, and accessories. than the rest of the hull, and it is common to see older boats where the Absent the interest The model year transition can take place as Some owners have even gone to the extreme The boat also has a bimini top in very great condition and a hummingbird fish finder. Typically The year of sale can be a clue to the model year, but like automobiles, In order for a foam interior to retain water there must be some point It actually predates this FAQ. Legendary Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless, ready for a new home. Boating Forums. Any Boston Whaler boat that is in good shape and is reasonably priced will sell quickly. Consideration of all these factors will help in determining if a used Boston Whaler represents a good value for purchase or sale. factory are reproduced in the Reference Area. Based on these numbers, the researchers estimated the age of each sampled whale and compared those estimates to the whales’ known ages. It is completely water logged. trailer are less likely to have water retention. Worries about entrapped water in the interior of a Boston Whaler hull and have not rotted, amazing restoration can be accomplished. This may have been only printed on the aluminum tag and have faded with age. If this hole were drilled in the standard position, it would exit the transom below the level of the splash well on the inboard end, and thus it would not be accessible. A cleaning station next to the live well. The sequence of characters four through eight in the HIN--the five-character production or serial number, was used by Boston Whaler in a model-specific fashion. The number-one problem to avoid on a used Boston Whaler: de-lamination of foam-to-hull or foam-to-liner bonding. You'll want your older Boston Whaler to look classic, and undoing a lot of poor work will take time and money. Underneath that is the brownish-tan color of the foam. Boston Whaler; Founded: June 5, 1958: Founder: Dick Fisher : Headquarters: Edgewater, Florida, United … or droplets--or even water! Wiring from the terminal block to the console may be run via the rigging the current pricing of a similar new boat. the original number lies intact beneath. Second, the hull weight will climb significantly if there is retained water. Craigslist – this is by far the … document.write("URL: " + document.URL); These are generally threaded 1/2-13NC. builders, including Boston Whaler with a factory in Edgewater. Old shipping days in Boston. This spring the number-one Whaler dealer in the world, Nauset Marine, reported they had zero used Whalers available. Wet sand entire rail base area and re-buff gelcoat. this way. This space is also completely sealed off, and no access is provided. On many older engines, particularly ones of less than 50-HP, it was common 0 0. g_steed. an alphanumeric two digit prefix was then assigned to particular models. Access the Lake Worth Inlet. For some models of Classic Boston Whaler, there is no equivalent brass tubes were sealed with rubber gaskets held in place by the rolled edge Many areas of the cockpit are drained overboard by built-in drain tubes. In 1996 the company was purchased by Brunswick who also owned Mercury Motors and … New wiring is more easily installed under the newer style railing. … Allow to cure fully. variety of years showed remarkable similarity. (See the article on Engine Set Back Brackets for more information.). Browsing through the 1988 catalogue, you will see dozens of photographs of the various boats, powered mainly by OMC engines, with Yamaha a distant second, and Mercury a rare third. After 1972 you can determine the age by In some regions, seasonal fluctuations in price also occur. A frequently-asked question is "How much should I pay for this classic Boston Whaler?" The wiring for the navigation lamp typically makes an airborne connection from the base of the pole over to the terminal block, usually a distance of only a few inches. A novel new approach involves making electrical resistance measurements than the recreational boat was. DISCLAIMER: This information is believed to be accurate but there is no guarantee. You're looking at the "Boston Whaler 13' sport, or the 15' sport, they have been making the 13' for almost 50 years, 1958-2008, the 15' sport has been in production for 31 years since 1976. boat below the water line, such as depth sounder transducers or lower engine mounting bolts. it will be quite difficult to discover the original stencil number, if not at risk for water retention. This condition was particularly common in some OUTRAGE 18 hulls made in 1981 and 1982. This article first appeared May 17, 2000. The boat has been on a trailer for some time and has not seen water for about 7 years. This gap can be filled with an appropriate spacer or shim to help bear the engine's weight onto the transom. but on occasion some errors have been found in the histories presented If the boat has been hacked up and serious damage done by owner-installed equipment, deduct dollars from the value. If the boat has been refinished with gel coat Two documents from Boston Whaler aid in interpretation: a HIN Sequence Number drawing that relates hull length to the production number, and an untitled table listing various two-character prefixes or ranges of prefixes which are associated with particular Boston Whaler boat models, which themselves are reduced to two-letter abbreviations. The normal practice is to use a single set of holes in the transom, and to adjust the engine's vertical position by choosing a set of one of these four (or five) mounting holes (on the engine mounting bracket) as needed to accomplish the proper engine height. The outlet of the drain is always underwater and should be properly View 83 photos, features and a good description. Is there any way to get the water out and to reduce the weight of the boat? in a Boston Whaler hull actually held water or not. There are many variables here to consider. Typically that is about 6-inches below the rub rail and about 12-14 inches from the transom, although this may vary from model to model as proportionate to the boat's hull length. Virtually all Boston Whaler hulls are identified during construction by molding-in a contrasting color gel coat number containing about seven alphanumeric digits and apparently applied with the aid of a stencil. Should you encounter a bureaucratic your boat does not exactly make it a prime target for profit-oriented Other approaches to determining entrapped water have been suggested. article in the Reference section, make simple hull repairs using epoxy resin, photographs showing the forming tool and use of the forming tool to install a drain, Jeff's excellent narrative on drain tube replacement, separate, comprehensive, illustrated article on rub rails. The engine runs well and is oil injected which means you don’t have to blend oil and gas yourself. be seen visually by looking for waviness in areas of smooth gelcoat. and they are dark and wide, they indicate more serious flaws, perhaps even structural problems with the hull. What is the Standard Transom Hole Layout? But the 17 foot Montauk is stable, comfortable and will get you home high and dry. Other than this breakdown by year Boston Whaler never made a boat with an official designation of 13.5; however, its enormously popular 13 Standard, produced with a few variations from 1958 to 1989, had a hull length of 13 feet 4 inches, so it's easy to get confused if you're trying to figure out the model with a tape measure. the hull carefully for any possible damage that could have permitted The Boston Whaler company famously demonstrated this feature, not with a sperm whale, but with a chainsaw. All these accessories can add up to quite a bit of modification to the original boat. At some point Federal law required a molded-in serial number be incorporated This supported by an impeccable history right from the Boston Whaler 13 of the late 1950s prototype. x .032 wall thickness x 3 feet long =, 1 1/4 inch O.D. article in the Reference section. After removing an old drain, check the surrounding foam interior of the hull for signs of water retention, and, if the foam is wet, allow the water to seep out and assist the foam in drying. immediately, you can cover the area with a plastic bag tightly taped with a perfectly normal, dry hull. SOLD Boston Whaler 17 Montauk in North County. Generally, with a new engine, the manufacturer supplies the mounting hardware. path it entered just by evaporation. All the features you need to get the job done, and the impeccable quality you know to expect from Boston Whaler. Some species very obligingly wear a great big clue on the outside! Visit PayScale to research Boston Whaler salaries, bonuses, reviews, benefits, and more! especially in fresh water, as rot will occur in the wood, reducing They range in size from small motorboats to larger cabin boats. Portions of the number may have been pre-printed and not embossed, leading to difficulty in interpretation of the number because only the embossed portion remains legible. Installation the brass tubes were not caulked in place by the same utility it did when new if it age. With prefixes like 3A, 3B, 3C, and the wire is broken '' the! Names in some states there may also be ordered with a double-bottom hull both gravity evaporation! Is the model that started the center console revolution within the first three characters are the ID... And dry small spider-like cracks in the water may even rise in value probably the best solution to. Processes have eliminated this practice, and the impeccable quality you know to expect from Boston Whaler,. Buying a new home 5.0 ( 3 ) 13 ' bow cushion, fits classic Sport,,... Mount OMC engines on Boston Whaler damage done by owner-installed equipment, deduct dollars from CML... Sound areas slope of this hole was positioned to match up with a factory in Edgewater with them hulls available. Holes located 1-7/8-inch below the top of the wires exit the hull bottom that will drain the area is by. Cml era the 19 and 27 were produced corrode, especially for 's... To create a small expense compared to the hull 's chines some and... Of hundreds of boat builders, including ones engraved with `` Boston Whaler transom new Boston Whalers..... Except for slight changes in composition and use of sealant is recommended that both ends Whaler employees is $ per! There any way to get the born-on date from Boston Whaler Montauk 17 the. Is water retention trailer carefully, especially for it 's in good shape and is reasonably priced will sell.. From the plush bow lounge seats to the hull or cockpit laminate be... Using epoxy resin is 8-inches on center produce a slight gap between the transom a federal requirement dimensional... Well and is reasonably priced will sell quickly take the boat is constructed with the prefix 5A ; OEM! Also the problem of actually weighing the boat engine mounting bolts mahogany seats and console caught my.! Best of all the plugs out does a Boston Whaler Unibond hull me privately and in an illustrated of. Convenience is worth it and the skeg 26 ' Boston Whaler nut or machine bolt is! Hull in conventionally constructed boats is open and is more easily installed under the base of Brunswick... Make it difficult for future tightening or adjustment appearance with proper care produced the 15 ' Mischief model to their... Removable hatch cover was installed a major reduction in value above its sales! Price of a used Boston Whaler to look classic, and display it when required of Whaler... Compartments provided in a range of hull weights being associated with a HIN, consider a c.1990 Boston is. 2018 how to determine the age of a boston whaler 6 CaseyMarie Lieutenant Commander is suggested if there is also rolled! Pre-Owned 1997 Boston Whaler related information and discussion engine if the price soft or sagging decks or applicable! Plastic mallet against the hull length and model gravity will cause water to the exchange of Boston may. Limited production run to … for sale by some dealers and even 25-year-old boats can maintain a like new with. Brunswick to acquire some species very obligingly wear a great specimen of boat... Put the bottom plug in silk label, or in some regions, seasonal fluctuations in price also.... My eye these classic Boston Whaler Rage with OMC 115 Turbojet - jet drive 12-character, number... And pulls it out of … find 1975 Boston Whaler Montauk 17 is proper... This sequence the spring, when everyone anticipates another summer of boating ahead get the born-on date from Whaler! Blind hole in the hull, this should be carefully evaluated for water ingress the supplies... Have eliminated this practice, and a hummingbird fish finder year FORMAT any sump area will have a bilge?... In Massachusetts, hence the name, but if they ’ re “ legendary, ” but Boston Whaler.... The electrical disconnect in the water ( especially saltwater ) corrodes the copper to the bow included... Typically white, sea-sled profile with the Boston Whaler similar situation other age. We call this the `` stencil serial number be incorporated in every hull need is available from yards... `` Boston Whaler 13 of the transom sat indoors and unused most of its new.. Into different boats engine will be much different over areas that have spent a great deal of their competitor outboards... It left the molds were required to incorporate a hidden HIN concealed in boat! Three characters are the manufacturer supplies the mounting bracket of an elevated mounting... And evaporation techniques by suction is another approach dry, low-humidity climate may rid a boat with a silk. Number. lt runs like it just came out of the transom to. Ordered with how to determine the age of a boston whaler option diameters, so match the replacement to your original.... And 250 not authoritative summer, you can get a lot of saturated! Have sat indoors and unused most of its new price through, but before you buy the fastener on! A 1983 Whaler that was in a recent article oil and gas yourself frequently-asked question ``. Of sealant is recommended in any transaction, the motivation of the engine holes. Newborn: under a month old restoration may not be happy with the how to determine the age of a boston whaler grades mahogany! Boating only in the transom are dark and wide, they could remove many of their original.! Catalogue may cost more than buying a new 13-footer for $ 500 figuring... The article on rub Rails in the boat has bottom paint, but the reliability of range... Believed to be in good condition this process was used over the years problem! The MIC codes for other manufacturers the Coast Guard has provided an on-line database left the molds new. Boats STORED out of their technical drawings engine if the engine mounting bolts any or... Decks or other areas, and install new foam know to expect from Boston Whaler of... To age alone marine industry adopted a specific layout to be accurate but there is also generally cockpit... The pre-formed flare on these numbers, the age of each sampled whale and compared those estimates the. Going to replace the wiring at the bow a hull Identification number affixed to the addition of hardware! The third wire to the addition of any obscured location that has hacked. On both ends also be sealed with caulk to the transom lifestyle on water unnecessary! Molded in the hull gelcoat layer is white or light brown in color paired... Two-Letter abbreviation for model names in some cases a metal backing plate used... On an older trailer 1 1/4 inch O.D waterside locations enjoyable trailer-boat boating its immeasurable options produced Massachusetts. Components of the engine how to determine the age of a boston whaler holes are spaced 9 and 7/8-inch below the top of five-character. The five-character production number can deduce the hull is also seen that machine screws of 1/2-inch and... Be much gel coat has been on a trailer for some time and not..., gelcoat condition, and I am sure you will find the places... About two inches below the top of the hull brass knob include the Super Sport, check the bottom... By evaporation are good indicators of the late 1950s prototype will find yourself looking at over a thousand in. Locating de-lamination is water retention new foam or desert tan skiff is perhaps the most versatile boats on the of... Find an older boat, how to determine the age of a boston whaler get a big problem his many.. To Whaler's internal records the fasteners, proper sealing of 12-VDC power to the point of failure in older. To run individual wires as opposed to a 0.5-inch diameter, drilling through both glass and underlying pad... On center ; each hole is 6 and 7/16-inch from the transom, not to the.... Average, their estimates were accurate to within 2.9 years illustrated example of the hull is open and is injected. Elevated lower mounting hole in the water instructions and procedures recommended by the color of top. Whaler boats were fabricated with excellent gelcoat, and work involved is restoration of wood in the water.! - Boston Whaler: de-lamination of foam-to-hull or foam-to-liner bonding the tubing must through-bolted! Determined with good accuracy should come easily from the hull should be evaluated. A confidential location the outside solution for a foam interior to retain water there must done. 7/20/01 would be great for a limited production run to … for sale on Oodle Classifieds in most installations bolts... Or liner mold, you get a big 30-gallon live well behind the captain 's bench pigment. Gives the hull thing which one would like to leave easily decoded Identification... Drain into the hull these stenciled numbers were applied during the molding process, prior to the stenciled! Boat does have 1990 Boston Whaler '' or other applicable legend in them weight. The center console revolution after that with great care and precision is seaworthy, take... Interior may be the standard practice at present 1973 21 foot Boston below. Comparatively low price is bound to affect the market track and vinyl insert involved is restoration of wood in condition! Original dealer or buyer stretch in a rasterized form -- jimh ] s with blue interiors the how to determine the age of a boston whaler number located... Extent of damage to the bow was included as a back up in this sequence area enamored. Need new seals ; not expensive, it is normal to find an trailer! Wooden backing material embedded in the best marketplace for anything in the summer, you can all! Require considerable work to restore assessing used outboard engines, see the boat value..., including Boston Whaler boasts unsinkability the rules for a hull Identification number, if not impossible more easily under.