This canal was a major factor in the sharp reduction of marsh vegetation in cootes. Map 1-13 Carte Map 1-13 Carte 403 403 QEW Discovery La Rotary Cente Pond Aldershot Freeman Maple G r i n d s t o n e C r e e k W P Hidden Valley This route loops out into the main area of Cootes Paradise marsh and back. The more popular of those is the Sassafras Trail. The first trail I came across was Hopkins Loop. Participation is weather permitting, and Cootes Paradise parking at most sites is $1.00 per hour, and there is an additional admission fee at locations on the north shore of $12.50 per each Adult (even if you're all in the same car). NATURAL AREAS The numbers of each of the natural areas below correspond to sites marked on the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System Vision Map. It can also be accessed from Michell Crescent, or from Marion Avenue/Dromore Crescent North. Cootes Paradise is an 840-hectare sanctuary and a significant migratory bird stopover managed by the Royal Botanical Gardens. Map of Cootes Paradise Please scroll to bottom for map. These trails are part of what’s known as Cootes Paradise, an 840-hectare sanctuary for animals, birds, and marine and plant life that’s managed by the Royal Botanical Gardens. Description: Longer h iking loop around the North Shore trail system. Trail Map The trail can be accessed from Caleb’s Walk via Ravine Road Trail. Cootes Paradise is an 840-hectare wildlife sanctuary containing a 250-hectare coastal wetland located at the west end of Hamilton Harbour, a natural bay at the west end of Lake Ontario.The sanctuary supports a wide variety of plants and animals including rare and threatened species. Browse more than 1600km of trail routing, and find amenities along the way, with links to printable PDFs, community tourism information and more. A collaborative art project addressing issues on the preservation of Cootes Paradise and the Niagara Escarpment. The trail started on the Bruce Trail Side Trail and the the Royal Botanical Gardens Trails, also known as Cootes Paradise, seemed to branch off of the Bruce Sidetrail. The project will be coordinated under the supervision of Professor Judy Major-Girardin… This short, accessible trail offers many great views of the bay and surrounding area. The Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) has many great trails around Cootes Paradise, and the Princess Point Trail is no exception. We will take in the Ray Lowes Side Trail, the Hopkins' Loop, the Bull's Point Trail, the Captain Cootes Trail and more. “Mapping Paradise” will be a collaborative project with the students in McMaster University’s School of Art course, ART 2ER3: The Environmentally Responsible Studio during winter term 2013. Cootes Paradise Dundas Valley Conservation Area 8 5 6 5 6 6 407 QEW 24 24 Oakland Glen Morris 28.7 kms Conestoga College (Pulled from below Doon) P P Waterford Conservation Area Silver Lake Fairchild Creek This map is for illustrative purposes only. Get away from the commercialism of the season and enjoy the quiet of the woods with friends on the north shore of Cootes Paradise in the Royal Botanical Gardens. The inter-regional trail will provide a route around Cootes Paradise Marsh and link with Hamilton Waterfront Trail and Bruce Trail. Here, the Spencer Creek Trail follows the creek through golf courses, factories and residential neighbourhoods.-The Desjardins Canal: Completed in 1837, this massive project lead to Cootes Paradise being dredged several times. Distance and Directions Routing provided by Google Maps may not follow Waterfront Trail. There are 27 kilometres of trails to explore, including the popular Sassafras Trail. It was just a small 1.3 km loop. Upper Paradise Rd Garth St W 5th St D Aberdeen Av n St N lvd n St S Upper James St ellington St Burlington St E ... Map 1-1 2: Hamilton Beach Map 12 Trail Length: 5.9 km . While hiking the trails at the Royal Botanical Gardens, it is important to abide by the trail code: Bicycles and motorized vehicles are prohibited. As I was walking along though, I found what I’m assuming is a geocache.