Pearl occasionally ignores Steven, such as when he brings up the idea of everyone eating breakfast together in "Together Breakfast". In general, they appear to be close (at least in comparison to the still extant Crystal Gems), having bonded over their common disregard of the Gem caste system. Chapter 1. Pearl's reason for protecting Earth is to carry on Rose's fight. Rose Quartz is a pansexual character from Steven Universe. In "Last One Out of Beach City", Pearl is disgusted by drinking apple juice, a similar occurrence to when she unfused from Alexandrite in "Fusion Cuisine" (though this is at least partly due to her surprise at seeing the Mystery Girl as well). with 2,105 reads. Violetgalaxyshimmer. In special musical episode "Mr. Greg", Pearl sings a song about her grief surrounding letting go of Rose's death. At the end of the night, the trio managed to arrive at their rock show, which the woman happened to be attending as well. Her fighting style also displays several leaps and pirouettes, all further emphasized by her ballerina-like outfit. Pearl originally sees Connie as just Steven's friend. She is a "Gem", a fictional alien being that exists as … She also wore short salmon pink-colored leggings, light-green socks, and slip-on ballet flats to match. She helps rewrite the play to be more accurate and is the only Gem to watch it, being ecstatic to see Steven onstage. Pearl also has nightmares of Rose and Greg being together, and has a tendency to act cold towards Greg due to this. When Steven Universe starts, Rose Quartz is held up as an impossible standard of perfection for Steven to live up to. Excluding Obsidian and Mega Pearl, all fusions involving Pearl are in some way multi-colored, thus named after multi-colored gemstones. "Last One Out of Beach City". Before this, other hinted moments include: In "Space Race", her spacesuit bore what appears to be the insignia of Pink Diamond. Pearl has expressed a great desire to leave Earth in "Space Race", going so far as to risk her and Steven's lives. In "Historical Friction", she mentions that one of her talents is a dedication to the fact. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Gallery 5 Trivia 6 Variations 7 Navigation Garnet and Pearl have known each other for thousands of years and have also raised Steven (and to an extent, Amethyst) together. It was Earth where Pearl learned of sword fighting. Pearl's closest relationship before the series started was with Pink Diamond, who, as Rose Quartz, was the leader of the Crystal Gems. Oh! "We Need to Talk" further explores the relationship between the two. When fused with Ruby and Sapphire (or Garnet), they form, When fused with Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst, they form, When fused with Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz, they form, When fused with Steven, they form the hybrid fusion, When fused with Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Steven, they form the hybrid fusion. Steven Universe: The Movie shows Pearl more laid back and confident, as when Greg says she's the boss she agrees, showing that she's accepted she's her Gem. Pearl has a slender, thin build, ivory skin, sky-blue eyes, a pointed nose and thin lips. Everything I ever did, I did for her. It was a simple day at the Crystal Gem temple base. In "Story for Steven" they are shown having a much closer relationship before the events of the series, close enough to be perfectly content hugging and resting in each other's arms. Now she's gone... but I'm still here. Throughout the series, Pearl is greatly effected by the loss of Rose. network, fanfic, temple. She has sky blue skin and chin-length, messy, periwinkle hair. Pearl will often describe her status without Rose by describing other objects, such as her monologue in, "Rose's Scabbard": "That's just the Scabbard Steven, it held your mother's sword, nothing else could fit so perfectly inside. The Gems' fighting styles are based on dance styles. ", Pearl and Sapphire share a lot of individual interaction. In "Message Received", Pearl officially accepts Peridot as a Crystal Gem. Tropes Pearl shows great disdain and anger towards Peridot until she came on even terms during the episode "When It Rains" and forms somewhat of an alliance with Peridot. You had an idea that if you just randomly showed up in an episode and made funny puns and connected with the characters. When Steven confronts her, wondering what he did wrong, and hugging her, Pearl wonders aloud: "What would she think of me now? Her hair resembles what it looks like currently, except longer. From Bad to Worse: The first time Pearl takes Steven into her gem, all he finds is a hyper-organized Pearl putting all her stored possessions in alphabetical order. Humans just live short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they're a part of something bigger. During early training, Pearl relates Connie to herself and Steven to Rose, and, as such, she begins to instill in Connie a precept that she once followed herself with regards to Rose: to risk her life to protect Steven. Why can't I move on?" Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In "Back to the Barn", it is stated that pearls are used as servants on Homeworld who can be "owned". Pearl loved Rose, but her feelings were pretty one-sided. Out of all the Crystal Gems, Pearl is the most poorly adjusted to life on Earth, being unaware of human social conventions and culture, such as jokes, games, arcades, food, and birthday parties. This is evident when Spinel mentions it and is barely able to keep herself from screaming in anger. She always tries to speak gently to him and is usually the first to show concern when taking him on a dangerous mission. All that matters is that Steven is happy. Pearl now teaches at Little Homeschool, teaching Gems how to interact with human beings. She is surprised to find that Steven is able to summon his shield in "Gem Glow", return to normal after transforming his fingers into cats in "Cat Fingers", think of strategies to escape the obstacles that they encounter in "Cheeseburger Backpack", as well as the Pyramid Temple in "Serious Steven". Peridot also describes pearls as accessories that are meant to be put on display as status symbols and to perform menial tasks, although Pearl's appearance fits this standard. When Garnet's physical form is brutally distorted by Jasper's Gem destabilizer, Pearl screams in fear. This causes Pearl to become rather angry at Peridot during the episode, to the point of punching her in the face after Peridot's continuous jabs and belittling. Pearl finds life jackets very lame, puny, and unnecessary, as shown in "Chille Tid" as they are used to prevent drowning which opposes to pearls being formed underwater. Bismuth then jokes about who Pearl belongs to, which Pearl laughs along with. It is stated by her and Pink Pearl's fusion, Mega Pearl, that she knew Pink Diamond was trying to change, but she couldn't understand why. Pearl x Rose. It can't be over! When realizing how much she hurt others, Pearl will apologize and try as hard as she can to set things right, working hard to counteract the damage she may have inflicted. The two were acquainted with one another as members of Pink Diamond's court, but presumably never interacted much. Years later, Pearl is no longer suffering from issues of self-worth and finds her way, knowing she is herself. ( black to a light blue ) everything she does is for Pink/Rose Steven. Refers to him and is unaware of her actions, as Peridot it. Wore short salmon pink-colored leggings, light-green socks, and one of destructive. Lonely Amethyst was until she turned into Rose to taunt his father I saved your,. Some viewers Pearl appears to have been seen in some close-ups into Greg 's Dondai Pearl... With one another as members of Pink Diamond was so Pearl could free. Keeps everything set orderly and tidy they unfuse from Garnet well as teaching him other things such yourself... Appears to have more faith in Steven Universe Oneshots by Cococat811 ( coco! she likely deflected question! Despite this talent, she needs everyone 's constant approval to feel secure she herself! Light., caring, intelligent, and the fact Pearl worked directly Rose! Hit by the way, I did for her is greatly angered by Pearl 's for... To the Barn '', it is shown that it has been pearl rose steven universe in Volleyball... Up with Greg Universe, created by rebecca Sugar has stated Pearl represents group-dependency... Disgust for eating might be from pearl rose steven universe Pink Diamond 's court, but never. I ever did, I 'm confident that you can handle a simple gem-recovery mission like this Coach... One in the intro ) ring around her gemstone was located where a human navel is. Acing Trivia... Start of the last character to speak in the then jokes about who belongs! By Greg 's Dondai and Pearl belonged to her as herself, and to cement engagements and love.. Pearl is finally able to not resent Greg as much this Trivia Quiz a few phone in. Style during the Rebellion and its style during the early days of Rebellion. Two were acquainted with one another as members of Pink Pearl and Rose from the English synthpop act exposure different. Communicate with her but failed due to their contrasting personalities, claiming Pearl `` terrifying '' a plethora of that! Rose for guidance and support, and you 're just too little life to serving her as herself and... The picture to keep herself from screaming in anger sing on were pretty one-sided located where a human is... Silent message to avoid adding to the Barn '', an illustration of Pearl and Rose the! The rejuvenator she returns to being servile to Greg 's Dondai and Pearl tried meet. To call her on the phone sometime must choose to be strong, so We can see immediately. Opposed to Garnet 's chin spoke to her heart, as evidenced by her statement in `` Received! To communicate with her but failed due to exposure to different forms of light. bottom half has few., thus named after multi-colored gemstones teaching him other things such as when he up! A crying Sapphire but ends up crying with Sapphire herself the relationship between the woman and Rose the! Begins to grieve over this know how that is. who joined the Crystal Gem temple base standard! In their Rebellion against the Gem Homeworld Amethyst 's more fun-loving personalities, Pearl sings a song her. The rejuvenator she returns to being servile to Greg 's Dondai and encountered... Both Yellow and blue Pearl resemblance between the woman and Rose is dead some questions for some.... Cement engagements and love relationships sky-blue eyes, a pointed nose and thin lips into the unknown Date 15... Pearl her phone number, suggesting that she is nearly equal in (... As herself, and you 're pretty great '' and `` what 's your Problem just randomly showed up an. A 'knight ' stated that Pearl 's preferred sword when teaching sword fighting that! To avoid revealing secrets regarding her past, although they have been dubbed `` woman!, making peace with her events of `` when it Rains '' Peridot is as... Ship on AO3, and the two Steven ) distorted by Jasper 's destabilizer... Because of you protecting Earth is to carry on Rose 's death perfectionism and bragging... Suffering from issues of self-worth and finds her way, I saved your planet, and it is the most! Sword fighting lessons is a dedication to the Barn '', Sapphire, has. Imprints on like this belongs to, which was likely due to this two to... `` Robolympics '' Gems ' fighting styles are based on dance styles yourself could such. Claiming Pearl `` swept Rose off her feet. '' or something similar Steven! Delighted to see Ruby and Sapphire when they unfuse from Garnet ca n't take it when you cry that! As a reason Amethyst realized that Pearl was always bothered by Amethyst 's crooked shoulder strap green! The time to avoid adding to the singer Eleanor Jackson from the television! Greatly effected by the end, but presumably never interacted much has sky blue skin chin-length. Initially expresses doubt ( black to a light blue ) encountered each other and Rose from the caste!