The Story of Mandodari (Wife of Ravana) : According to Hindu mythology, there used to be a King of giants known as King Maya. As the grief-stricken Mandodari mourned Ravana’s death, Rama blessed her for her loyalty to her husband. Mandodari accepts Vibhishana, her husband’s enemy and brother, ... Mandodari was married to Ravana – certainly a great enough king. Vibhishana, said that the only thing he wanted was to have his mind fixed at the feet of the Lord as pure as lotus leaves (charan kamal). After the death of Ravana, Rama advises Vibhishana to take Mandodari as his wife, even though he already has a wife. When Shri Rama was about to leave Ayodhya at the end of his reign, Lord Rama in his original form of Shri Vishnu ordered Vibhishana to stay on earth and serve the people and guide them to the path of truth and Dharma. But, Mandodari, who is considered to be a Chaste woman and kept on par with Arundhathi, Vasishta’s wife as a model of Faithful wives got married to Vibhishana, after Ravanas’ death, at the instance of Lord Rama. At what place did Ram first meet Hanuman? Ravana had two brothers, Vibhishana and Kumbhakarna and one sister, Meenakshi (Later named Shoorpanakha). Once upon a time when he … Mandodari means something in Hinduism, Sanskrit, Marathi. A reason for the marriage, as is the belief, is as an alternative to suicide for the widowed Mandodari, which is averted by Rama. Vibhishana had a sattvic (pure) mind and a sattvic heart. Vibhishana – A great follower of Sri Rama and one of the most important characters in the Ramayana. He was said to be brave, courageous, smart, and knew how to use every type of weapon with a degree of skill. Atikaya (Atikaya was the younger brother of Indrajit and was extremely powerful. Eventually, Brahma appeared and offered him any boon he wanted. Whenever I see him, I am reminded of an MLA from Uttar Pradesh, who once told me: "Do you know that Mandodari married Vibhishana after Ravana''s death? During King Ravana’s period the kingdom of “Lanka” was divided between 03 rulers by the queen Mandratha, namely, Tharaka ruled from a location near the current day Kalaniya, Surapadma ruled from the southern parts near Thissamaharama. A. Pampa Sarovar, b. Rishyamuk Parvat, c. On the banks of Godavari, d. On Neel Parvat. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. the same above arguments are vaild here too. Rama then gave her Vibhishana, Ravana's younger brother, in marriage. Indeed, had Ravana followed her advice, he would not have lost his life. [4][11] In this battle, Mandodari loses her husband, her sons, and her kinsmen. After the death of Ravana, Rama advises Vibhishana to take Mandodari as his wife, even though he already had a wife. I think that as a queen she would have gotten used to Ravana and his ways, especially since a lot of men had multiple wives back then. She then guided the kingdom to the right path. A. Nirmala, B. Urmila, C. Yashodhara, D. Mandodari. Mandodari is the perfect character to make completely loyal and loving to Ravana. According to legends, Shrupnakha meets Sita at Valmiki’s ashram in the forest, after Rama had abandoned her. … She seduced Sage Vishrava and married him. From his early childhood, he spent all his time meditating on the name of the Lord. Lord Ravana’s Family Tree Lord Ravana was married to Mandodari, the daughter of the celestial architect Maya, Dhanyamalini, and a third wife.He had seven sons from his three wives: Meghnaad (Also known as Indrajit because he defeated Lord Indra), the most powerful son. So, Mandodari would have married her own younger brother-in-law, as this would help her lead her kingdom towards stability and properity. After Ravana’s death, Lord Rama made Mandodari remember her duties as the Queen of Lanka. Vibhishana advised Ravana to return the kidnapped Sita ( Rama ‘s wife ) and uphold Hindu Dharma. Re-married to Vibhishan She was later married to Vibhishana for reasons of statecraft, and not much is mentioned of her after that. Surpanakha got married to the prince of the Kalkeya Danava clan, Vidyutjihva (some text claim his name to be Dushtabudhi). Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article. Vibhishana warns Mandodari that Ravan should not find out about his immortality. There is a mandap (altar or pavilion) where Ravana is said to have married Mandodari, and which the local people call Ravan Jee Ki Chanwari. Which of those two brothers have been additionally in Shriram’s military? Vibhishana (IAST: Vibhīṣaṇa or Bibhishan) is the younger brother of Ravana, the king of Lanka in the ancient Indian epic Ramayana. After the death of Ravana, Rama advises Vibhishana to take Mandodari as his wife, even though he already has a wife. 5. But there isn’t any proof to this story. Later Mandodari decided to return to Lanka and married Vibhishana. 4. This is why some sources believe that Mandodari was the mother of Sita. After Ravana’s death, Vibhishana marries Mandodari on the advice of … SORRY GUYS I KNOW MY LANGUAGE IS NOT GOOD BUT WHAT I WROTE IS THE TRUTH. Mandodari was very pious and noble. Mandodari appears at the death scene of Ravana in a disarrayed state and laments his death. The complex web of myth and legend ascribes many back stories to Mandodari’s life. Exceptions to this sometimes existed for the wealthy and the royalty, but even then … Though a Rakshasa himself, Vibhishana deserted Ravana and joined Rama's army. त्रेता युग में रामायण कथा के अनुसार रामावतार ने राक्षसराज रावण का वध कर अपनी पत्नी सीता को मुक्त कराया था, राजा राम वापस … In the Javanese Serat Khanda, Mandodari is asked to abandon the child which is destined to kill her husband and Vibhishana replaces the child by creating an infant from the clouds. again this did not happen in kaliyuga. He was married to an elf named Hema. You bureaucrats are like her. Siya Ke Ram - Wikipedia He is the husband of Hema and the foster father of Mandodari… That’s all for now. Vibhishana – the younger brother and minister of Ravana who would snitch Ravana’s weak points to Rama thus weakening the King. This is from the Rama charita Manas by Tulsidas. Yet another reason for marrying Vibhishana was that Mandodari had nowhere to go after Ravana's death. The world speaks of many theories regarding Mandodari. Mandodari had three sons – Meghanada (Indrajit), Atikaya and Akshayakumara. Probably she married Vibhishan:. Ravana married Mandodari and they had 3 sons – Meghanadha, Atikaya and Akshakumar. Mandodari loves Ravana and advises him to follow the path of righteousness. When Shri Rama was about to leave Ayodhya at the end of his reign, Lord Rama in his original form of Shri Vishnu ordered Vibhishana to stay on earth and serve the people and guide them to the path of truth and Dharma. In a previous article, I had claimed that in Ancient India, toplessness was prevalent.Although men and women would wear a lower garment, a proper upper garment was usually not worn. Hema gave birth to a beautiful baby, but did not have any affection towards her baby. I thought about making her jealous and hate Sita, but I just did not like it. In a way she opens the door of the secrecy of Ravana’s death. However, Ravana did not obey his orders. The marriage between Mandodari and Vibhishana is purely an "act of statesmanship", rather than a marriage based on their "mutual sexual interference". Later, when Rama defeated Ravana, Rama crowned Vibhishana as the king of Lanka before returning to Ayodhya. Kaikasi had 4 children – Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Vibhishana and Shurpanakha. infact, when mother sita visits anasuya in the forest, anasuya says, you are the best chaste wife in the whole world. Ravana ("one of terrifying roar"), according to Hindu lore, was once the king of Lanka, faithful to his god, and ruler of a prosperous kingdom. There are many theories regarding Mandodari. Panchakanya (पञ्चकन्या, pañcakanyā, lit. Meghanadha once defeated Indra and came to be known as Indrajit. Shrupnakha Visits Sita. Bright, vast and loyal like the sky, Mandodari is the embodiment of diplomacy. Mandodari married Vibhishana. When Ravana threw Vibhishana out of Lanka, Kaikesi ordered Vibhishana to go and fight on Rama’s side. This way, she would also hold power over the kingdom and have a say in governance. He also married Ravana's widow Mandodari on rama's advice. There is a mandap named Ravan Ki Chanwari where Ravana married Mandodari at Mandor in Rajasthan. This child was found by the king of Mithila and was given the name of Sita. One of them states that Sita was Mandodari’s daughter. A theory suggests that Ravana's race may have had matrilineal families and thus, to restore order in the kingdom after Ravana's death, it was necessary for Vibhishana to marry the reigning queen to get the right to rule. mandodari is another whore who married vibhishana after the death of ravana and MANDODARI AND TARA WERE GREAT WHORES ...GREAT WHORES. . The Bengali Krittibas Ramayan, the Oriya Balaramdas Ramayan, the Thai Ramkien and the Mahari dance composition all refer to Mandodari marrying Vibhishana.20 Vernacular versions of the epic have Mandodari curse Sita that she will be abandoned by her husband, complementing Tara’s curse … Convinced by Mandodari, he accepted their marriage. She had ordered Ravana to return Sita to her husband. It was said that only Shiva himself could kill him. mandodari married vibhisana – the rules for kshatriyas are applied here. This child is called Meghnad, born of the clouds and so sounding like the clouds. She abandoned her baby and went to heaven. it appears to be true since everyone mentioned in epics is fond of power and women including krishna and ram who performed asvamedh yag.after the defeat of ravan,vibhishan became the emperor of lanka and husband of beautiful mandodari.ram made him king of lanka and got him married to mandodari. He also married ravana's widow mandodari on rama's advice. This act enraged Ravana as Danavas and Asuras shared a bond of enmity. A … [12] After the death of Ravana, Rama advises Vibhishana to take Mandodari as his wife, even though he already has a wife. "five girls") is a group of five iconic heroines of Hindu epics, extolled in a hymn and whose names are believed to dispel sin when recited.They are Ahalya, Draupadi, Kunti, Tara, and Mandodari.While Draupadi and Kunti are from Mahabharata, Ahalya, Tara and Mandodari are from the epic Ramayana. As per Uttararamayana, though Mandodari gave birth to Indrajit, he was Shiva’s son. She tried to dissuade Ravan from tormenting Sita, the wife of Rama, and … Along with Ravana, Kaikasi was the mother of Kumbhkaran, Vibhishana, and a daughter, Surpanakha. Mandodari married Vibhishana as an act of statesmanship so that Lanka could be put on the path of growth and righteousness.